What's Your Dream School?


Over the past three years, we've helped dozens of students earn acceptance to the colleges and graduate programs that are right for them. (See below for a list of our students' successes.) 

It Starts With You

What do you care about? What are you curious about? And how do you hope to grow over the next few years?

Answering these questions marks the beginning of the application process. After all, universities don’t just want applicants with attractive CVs – they want students who know who they are.

At Real Clear English, we’ll explore these questions with you right from the outset – helping you reach for as much honesty and clarity as you can muster.

The List

Out of that work, we’ll begin discussing colleges or universities that might be right for you. We’ll think about size, location, culture, teaching methods, and a dozen other factors. Over time, we’ll build a list that’s nicely balanced between reach, target, and safety schools.

Timeline of Tasks

Next, we’ll create and mutually agree on a timeline – benchmarks by which you’ll complete your essays, recommendations, interviews, introduction videos, and any other material that your schools require.


Typically, essays are the most difficult and time-consuming element of the application process. We’ll devote a significant portion of our time to helping you brainstorm and outline your essays. We’ll also review drafts regularly, providing precise guidance on everything from ideas and structure to grammar and style.


We’ll meet once per week on Skype (more often, if you prefer) to review your progress and work through any challenges you’re facing.

Submitting Applications

We’ll conduct line-by-line reviews of each of your applications. You’ll be finished before your deadlines – and proud of what you’ve accomplished.

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