What did you do at the White House?

I was a speechwriting intern for Vice President Biden. I wrote speeches and supported the vice president’s primary speechwriter.

Why did you leave politics?

I didn’t feel at home in that world. Speechwriting and campaigning involve finding words for someone else’s ideas; if you disagree with their agenda, you still have to write the speech. I didn’t want to do that any longer.


How did you end up in Asia?

I moved to Ho Chi Minh City in February of 2014. My plan was to teach part-time while I finished writing my book, and I did so. In the meantime, I met Nhung - definitely not part of any plan! We liked each other an awful lot, got married in 2015, and had our baby girl, Addy, in 2016.

When did you launch Real Clear English?

We opened for business in January of 2017. The company was a natural outgrowth of the work we’d each been doing for years.

Why such a big emphasis on clear thinking?

Thinking well is hard work! It’s also the key to good writing. That’s why we help our students

  • identify and examine their assumptions
  • understand the relationships between their assumptions and beliefs
  • assemble and evaluate evidence
  • build sound, cogent arguments

Where are you located?

We’re based in Bangkok, Thailand, but we hold regular Skype meetings with clients all over the world. In June, we’ll be moving to Barcelona, Spain, but we’ll return to Southeast Asia twice a year for extended, in-person sessions with our clients in the region.