The most effective way to learn a language is to explore what you care about in real life. It’s also the most fun!

In our classes, we use English to talk about what matters to you – whether that’s business, college applications, politics, sports, or anything else that you want to explore more deeply. We move back and forth between free-form discussions and focused lessons on grammar, structure, and usage. We also provide lots of multimedia resources to support your learning (so you don’t have to memorize everything in real time).


I love the English language, and I want to help you love it too! I’ve written speeches for the White House and essays for magazines and newspapers in the US and UK. I'm also the author of Life in the Loop: Essays on OCD. For the last three years, I’ve taught English, creative writing, and test prep to students and adults in Southeast Asia. 

I graduated from Princeton with a BA in philosophy. Later, I earned master’s degrees from Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Divinity School. I’ve worked in finance, politics, and the nonprofit world, often teaching English on the side. I made the full-time switch to education three years ago. 


For the past five years, I have helped Thai and Vietnamese students succeed on standardized tests as a teacher and curriculum specialist. My TOEFL and IELTS courses are designed specifically for each student; the focus is on building up a useful bank of words, phrases, and sentence structures that will help you improve your scores dramatically.

I am from the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, but I spent most of my teenage years in Ho Chi Minh City. After graduation, I earned my bachelor's degree in Australia and a master's in New Media Studies in The Netherlands.